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Jun 17, 2010 at 02:14 PM

Material variant not configurable using SET processing multi-KMATs



How do I set up a material variant to allow configuration when used in a "SET processing" sales order?

I have searched and read through SAP notes, forum threads, SAP-VC books without success to achieve this specific requirement, any help here is greatly appreciated.

ECC6.0. The business model is MTO manufacturing.

Background and working scenario:

Using material variants (without type matching. All products are MTO). The material variant is configurable at point of order processing [VA01]. When the material variant is entered directly as a sales item the material is configurable and creates a production order. The material variant is fully linked to a KMAT superBOM.

The item category of the material variant in MM data>sales = NORM

the KMAT item category in MM data>sales = 0002

The sales order item category = TAN (material variant is configurable > this is OK)

Problem scenario:

The business now sells one material as a "system" (or SET) made of multiply material variants, requiring multi-line sales order entries each with individual production orders. Pricing etc required at component level, as if all items were entered separately. I can get the system working with KMATs within KMATs where the items at component level are configurable but not with material variants.

I have a superior KMAT. MM data>sales item category = 0004. Configuration profile is set up for sales order (SET) process, multi-level BOM explosion and Application type SD01 for sales and distribution.

The superior KMAT BOM is created with BOM usage 5 and all BOM components (material variants) have the relevant for sales indicator set in the BOM item detail.

Additional info:

The configuration profile of the KMAT for the material variants is set up for Order BOM process, multi-level BOM explosion Application type [customised copy of] PP01

Material type used for KMAT and material variants = FERT (with material is configurable indicator set only for KMATs)

Super routings not used. Each material variant has its own individual task list (if this helps explain why we have configurable material variants)

On a separate note this is my first time asking a question on the forum, I hope the content is OK (not too long) so any