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Jun 17, 2010 at 10:25 AM

Deadlock when delete rows with blob.



I have the following issue. I try to clean a table that contains a BLOB column.

To do this I use SQLDBC I create a statement that contains the LOB column, I fetch the line, load the Blob. and before fetching the next line, I send a delete request. and I fall in the deadlock.

If I fetch the next line before sending the delete request there is no deadlock, there is also no deadlock if i do not request le LOB column in the select.

In fact when I made select with LOB, there is the follwing line in DOMAIN.LOCKS


295513; 4290;438;ESKDBADM;2010-06-17;12:05:46;ly-delorme-u..1674;?;tab_share;?;5748;LY-DELORME.esker.corp;?;?;?;0000800000046919;0;?;?

when i send the delete request the following lock appears in DOMAIN.LOCKS. A exclusif lock on the column I want to delete. It's ok


295521; 4287;167;ESKDBADM;2010-06-17;12:05:49;ly-delorme-u..1674; 5;row_exclusive;write;5748;LY-DELORME.esker.corp;ESKDBADM;ESKDBADM;DBM350_AUTOTESTXML;0000000000000934;5;00C51133800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000;

BUT there is a dead lock , I think because of the following entry in DOMAIN.LOCK_WAITS


?;0000800000046919;ly-delorme-u..1674;438;5748;LY-DELORME.esker.corp;?;?;tab_share;2010-06-17;12:05:46;?;ly-delorme-u..1674;167;5748;LY-DELORME.esker.corp;?;?;tab_exclusive;2010-06-17;12:05:49; 3585

The database request a tab_exclusive lock on tableid 0000800000046918 but there is already a tab_share lock on this.

Do you why there is a lock on the table : tableid 0000800000046918 ?

How to avoid this lock using SQLDBC ?

Thanks for you help.