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Jun 17, 2010 at 08:08 AM

into corresponding fields of table VERSUS into table



I want the select statement outside the loop can any one write the performance to increase and select single statmenet should be outside the loop.

IF i_komfk-vbtyp CA 'PO'.              " debit/credit memo
    SELECT vbeln INTO TABLE ivbfa FROM vbfa
           WHERE vbelv = i_komfk-vbeln AND
                 ( vbtyp_n = '5' OR vbtyp_n = '6' ).

    LOOP AT ivbfa INTO ivbfa_wa.
      CLEAR: fksto_lv,sfakn_lv.

    SELECT SINGLE fkart fksto sfakn INTO (fkart_lv, fksto_lv, sfakn_lv)
           FROM vbrk
           WHERE vbeln = ivbfa_wa-vbeln.

      CHECK: sy-subrc = 0,
             fksto_lv IS INITIAL,
             sfakn_lv IS INITIAL.
      MESSAGE e310(zz) WITH fkart_lv ivbfa_wa-vbeln.

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