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Jun 16, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Xcelsius Present 2008 - Chart Title


I created a Dashboard with a Line Chart and 6 Label-Based Menus. Because of everything I have on this chart, I felt I was forced to set this up with 6 individual Label-Based Menus versus using only one Label-Based Menu. Basically, it's a chart with 6 questions and each question has 3 lines on the Line Chart. My challenge is when I click on each Label-Based Menu, I want a Chart Title to appear. This isn't happening because the only place to create a chart title is in the Line Chart Properties. Normally, this would work but it's not because of having so many Label-Based Menus on one Dashboard. I took a screen shot of this, but I don't see anywhere here I can attach a file. ANY HELP or advice would be INCREDIBLY helpful. I'm new at this and struggling with trying to learn this program for a new client.