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Customer Attributes

Hi all,

I need some help with the requirement for the below IMG activity. Namely, I need the process for creating the attributes. Data Dictionaries are new to me.


Definition of Customer Attributes for Object Types


You can define a user attribute here. Then assign it to an object. The Transactions, Configuration and Development tabs show the object types . The attribute is project and solution-independent, and is shown in an object dialog box in the Other Attributes tab.


The attributes of the attribute are specified in the table or structure fields in the Data Dictionary, so they must be maintained there.

For example:

Integer or Character

Field length

Value help


To create a user attribute:

1. Choose New Entries.

2. Enter a name and description of the attribute.

The name and description are shown later in the object dialog window, and you cannot change the name after you have saved, so use a meaningful name and description.

3. Save.

Specify attribute attributes:

4. Select an attribute and choose Attribute Attributes in the tree.

5. Specify a Data Dictionary table or structure field or choose from the value help.

6. Specify in the field Value Check:

whether the entry is to be checked against a value list. These values are offered as selection help.

whether it is a required field.

7. In the field Multiple Values, whether this attribute can take only one, or several values.

8. In the field Visibility whether the field is visible in the attribute dialog.

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6 Answers

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    Jun 21, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    Hello Jason,

    sorry for late response and maybe cause i wasn't clear enough in my previous posts.

    Yes, your requirement seems to me like you need a specific table !

    I found on Internet a step by step guide to "how to create a specific table in SE11":

    I think that this will respond to many of your questions. This example is complete because not only it shows how to create a table but also how to create the maintenance view (SE30) of the table.

    So in your specific case (attribute business areas); I would suggess creating a table ZMYBUSCASES by following steps described in guide provided.

    Instead of choosing their data elements we will choose ones that are adapted to your case.

    Field 1 (key) : a 5 characters data element should be fine; for example : /SAPSLL/CHAR05

    Field 2 (description) : a 30 characters data element with an assigned search help (because i guess you have a predefined list of business areas). for example: ZDESCR

    Prerequisite :

    - you have to create the Z data element (ZDECR) in SE11 still of type CHAR 30 and assign to it a Z search help that you ll create in step 2

    - create a Z search help in SE11 (for example ZSHBUSATTRDESCR) that collect data from your ZTABLE and returns field ZDESCR

    Activate your

    - Z search help

    - Z data element

    - Z table

    and adjust in spro the assignment of attributes

    I know this might seem quite difficult the first time ...

    don't hesitate asking for more clarification !

    You can also give me your email adress so i can send you screen shots for steps that are missing in the given link (z data element and z search help)



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    • Former Member

      Hey Khalil,

      I have a follow up question. I have done the following steps:

      1. I created a function group in SE37

      2. I activated in in SE80

      3. I created a data element in SE11 for my description (30 chars)

      4. I created a table in SE11 and used CHAR05 for my ID and my custom data element for the description, and assigned the function group in technical details

      5. I created a search help for my custom table

      in SPRO

      6. I defined the customer attributes of object types. New entries > gave the attribute a name and description. Assigned the table, field name (description), single value, attribute is visible.

      7. I assigned the customer attribute to objects New Entries > Project and Solution Node: Assign Attributes (order =1, value check = no check)

      When I highlight a process step in SOLAR01 and go to the customer attributes tab, I see my attribute, but there are no values to select.

      Any idea why I don't see ay values?

      Lots of place to screw up here for sure, but I've checked everything multiple times.



  • Jun 24, 2010 at 09:46 AM

    Hi jason,

    If you don't see anything when clicking on matchcode, that means that your searchelp doesnt't work as expected.

    In SE11, you can test it. Please make sure that when executing (F8) your search help in SE11 you see the list.

    Here is an example that might help u have a 'correct' search help :

    Hope this helps,



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    • Former Member

      Hi Khalil,

      well it looks like I've at least done most of this right, my search help test returned my two table values (just like in your screenshot). The SPRO directions are straight forward, I don't think I messed that part up. Weird.


  • Jun 17, 2010 at 08:57 AM

    Hi Jason,

    let's say you want to add a date to the attributes of a program in SOLAR02; like for example date of start !

    1 - In SPRO -> Definition of Customer Attributes for Object Types

    a - you ll first create a customer attribute (name, description) for ex (zstartdate, start dev date)

    b - you ll create property for this attribute (table name, fieldname, multiple values, visibility) for ex (CRMD_ORDERADM_H, POSTING_DATE, SINGLE-VALUE-ATTRIBUTE, Attribute is visible)


    2 - In SPRO -> Assign Customer Attributes to Objects

    a - Choose Object Type Program (Object Type) ex (Program)

    b - Assign attribute created in step 1 to program (Customer Attribute Name, Attribute Order, Value Check) ex (zstartdate, 1, Input Required) with options like mandatory, check of content ...

    3 - After this if you go to SOLAR02, in Development Tab and you select attributes of an object type 'Program Name'; you ll see in a new tab names Other Attributes; YOUR NEW ATTRIBUTE ZSTARTDATE

    Hope this helps,



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    • Former Member Jiamin PAN

      OK, the fuzziness is starting to go away.

      My specific examples are:

      - I want to use attributes for business areas that can be assigned to the blueprint structure process steps.

      - I also want to use them for configuration cycles, to assign them to IMG objects.

      These both seem like custom tables to me.

  • Jun 17, 2010 at 01:48 PM

    Hi Jason,

    depending on what kind of attribute you want to add, you ll do different things on se11 or you might even not use SE11 transaction.

    I ll take the example that i first chose. You want to add a date as an attribute to your program.

    You know (thanks to F1, then technical information button on a date field) that it's for example a data element of type TRDATE or POSTING_DATE or whatever, a random data element AND that its contained in the table TRHEADER OR CRMD_ORDERADM_H or whatever table in Solman.

    All the information you need will be displayed by doing F1 of a kind of element you re interested in and by clicking on Technical Info...

    Values displayed can be used to set YOUR custom attribute for SOLAR01/02.

    PS: Important info in your case are "Field Name" & "Table Name" when looking at tech info

    Maybe i can also help u directly with the actual attribute you re trying to add !

    Hope that helps !



    Edited by: Khalil SERRHINI on Jun 17, 2010 3:48 PM

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  • Jun 25, 2010 at 07:40 AM

    Hey Jason,

    If you look well at my screenshot in my previous post you ll see that my search help exports only ZDESCR (that is the description of the customer attribute).

    So In your table definition (SE11) make sure you assigned search help to correspondant field in tab 'Entry help/check' as shown in joined screen shots

    Hope this helps



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    • Former Member

      Hi Khalil,

      I started from scratch. The only new thing was adding the search help to the data table. Still no luck.

      My screen looks just like yours; it is only exporting the description as well.

      I know it's something simple like a checkbox or something. Are you sure the table creation process on that link is correct?



  • Jun 29, 2010 at 05:57 PM

    Hi Jason,

    The link that explains how to create your table in SE11 should be fine

    - Can u please confirm that you have entries in your table in transaction SE16 ?

    - In transaction SM30 can u access to the modification view oof your ZTABLE ? If that s the case; please add entries to table

    Those are prerequisite so that your search help gives you a list of entries (the ones you maintain in SM30)

    If those lines above still don't solve your problem; maybe you can take screenshots of your z table - z data element - z serch help so i can take a look. You can use for free to upload docs !

    Good luck !


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