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Jun 16, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Error in ME9L after upgrade


Hello Experts,

After a recent upgrade, in the transaction ME9L, after entering the PO number, while hitting the display message button for a particular message type, am getting the error 'Symbol : "EKKO" Invalid data type "u" '.

After analysing, we found that in the include LSTXVFDD, there is a code to check the datatype compatibility for structures

   if fa_fields-datatype = 'u'.  " check the structure compatibility
     perform check_structure_comp using <pointer> fa_fields-datatype.

We searched for available OSS notes and found 689252, but this is applicable only for 4.70 version. We could not find a relevant OSS note for Ecc6 version.

Kindly suggest any soultion if anyone has faced a similar issue.

Thanks in advance.