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Jan 30, 2019 at 09:31 AM

Expose Structured Types (CDS) as valid OData v2


Hi there,

we use structured types in our HANA CDS definitions like:

    L: Decimal(25,5);
    A: Decimal(25,5);
    B: Decimal(25,5);

in different entities:

Entity Color {
       key id: PRIMKEYTYPE;
           materialnumber: String(20) not null;
           labcolor: LABCOLORTYPE not null;

Now we expose that table as OData Service:

   as "Color"
   navigates (....;

Everything works well and the table is exposed as OData Service, but an integration with SAP Cloud Integration is not possible (EdmTypeException). The generate object names for structured types contain a dot (e.g. labcolor.L). The dot is not allowed in names according to OData specification.

Is there a way to avoid the dot in names in the generated OData Service? It seems that there is no way to map the dot to something like underscore (_) and I don't want to remove all structured types.

(We use the HANA service in SCP Neo.)

Any help is welcome!