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subcontracting purchase order with non-stock material


we are facing following issue:
We want to do a subcontracting for a non stock item whereas the component materials should be seen in subcontractor stock after g.i. and be consumed after 101 with MB01 for the purchase order.

Currently we do not manage to do the 101 in MB01 without stock taking for the Header material though it is created with a non-stock material type.

Any ideas what we do wrong.

Thanks in advance!


P.S.: Moreover we need to do this project-related buth I think this is not relevant for the described problem, but I don't what to miss to mention this.

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3 Answers

  • Dec 01, 2016 at 11:36 AM

    can you explain this sentence in more detail: Currently we do not manage to do the 101 in MB01 without stock taking for the Header material

    Are you getting an error message? why not using MIGO? what exactly do you mean with "without stock taking" , sounds like you want post a receipt without entering a quantity.

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  • Dec 01, 2016 at 01:05 PM


    the MIGO is not possible since we are in subcontracting Scenario with components. Trying to do the goods receipt with MIGO i get the error:

    MIGO is not possible for the item - use MB01 or ADSUBCON for posting

    Message No. AD_SUBCON036


    The selected purchase order contains one or more items for Subcontracting for MRO Processes.


    Uncheck the Item OK indicator for the item. To post goods movement for SAP Aerospace and Defense subcontracting items, use either transaction code MB01 or ADSUBCON.

    That should be normal and ok.

    For better understanding:

    We want to do the following: Components are sent do a subcontractor, who is doing some checks with those components. After the contractor has done his work those components can be scrapped at the vendor.

    Our idea is to use subcontracting Scenario. That means having a purchase order item with category 'L' for the Service of doing the checks, attach the components to this item . The Service itself is a non-stock material since the components should be seen on stock. After MB1B 541 related to the purchase order the components can be seen on subcontractor site (in MD04, etc.). So far so good.

    Our idea is now to do a 101 posting related to the purchase order to remove the components from subcontractor stock.

    But doing this with MB01 the Systems asks for a storage Location for the non-stock Service material. After entering this we get stock for a non-stock material.

    That is our Problem.

    I appreciate any idea how to solve this.



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  • Dec 01, 2016 at 01:19 PM

    The MIGO error is just telling you that you are using the wrong transaction as MIGO is not foreseen for your business scenario. MB01 is actually an ancient transaction and was replaced by MIGO about 15 years ago, and will be removed with higher releases. So you should actually use ADSUBCON.

    But all this has not much to do with the real issue. If MB01 is asking for a storage location, then this is not logical for non-stock material type.

    And getting stock for a non-stock material type is even less logical.

    Is there any proof that it is a non-stock material?

    The chain of proof would be a screenshot from material master where one can see material number and material type, then a screenshot from OMS2 customizing of this material type showing the settings at plant level, and finally the purchase order with the matching material number and plant where one also can see item category and account assignment category.

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