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Jun 16, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Using dependencies to clear multi-value characteristic in document class


Dear Forum Members,

I currently use normal VC dependencies (procedures) to set individual values in a multiple-value characteristic. From a conceptual standpoint, the dependencies speak to different levels within a single hierarchical structure. That is, some set a small of group of say, four values out of a list of one hundred possibilities, while others set larger groups which include the leading values for the small groups and so on.

There are even one or two values which trigger almost a complete evaluation over all available values.

The procedures are attached, in each case to the value which causes the group values to be set within the characteristic.

What this means is that when such a document has been classified over many individual values at differing levels in hierarchy, it becomes very difficult to delete values or clear all values because of the system checking if a delete is allowed (inconsistency checking). The only way this is possible is through deleting each 'level' individually from top to bottom.

My question is as follows: is there another way to perform this delete? Is there a syntax for procedures which deletes values? Thanks for any help.

Best regards,

Ray Fischer