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Jun 15, 2010 at 09:13 PM

Why am I not able to authenticate using apstoken?


HI, I'm talking programmatically to our Crystal server now successfully, and logging in etc. But, we're running out of licenses. So, I want to "reuse" the apstoken. So, I get a token, and try and pass it in; however, I get a login screen when I do that with an invalid login. Why is that?

Here's how I'm getting the token:

ILogonTokenMgr iLTM = enterpriseManager.getLogonTokenMgr();

token = iLTM.createLogonToken("",




Then I pass it in on the argument line, just like the documentation says:

theURL.append("&apstoken=" + URLEncoder.encode(token);

Any ideas why that isn't working and I get a login screen? I noticed the CMS seems to be running on 6400, but we're trying to run our reports across the wire on 6405, is that the issue?