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Jun 15, 2010 at 02:58 PM

SAP APO - SNP Authorization Concept.


I need to implement security concept while accessing shuffler (/sapapo/sdp94).

I have implemented role concept to restrict the users (planner) on Planning Area, Planning Book and Data View. I have also provided planners to change and save selections.

Now the client has put up a requirement to restrict the users on SNP Planner ID.

So the situation is

1) I need to make this field mandatory in the left side of the shuffler (like planning version). I checked and found out that this can be done using a BADI /SAPAPO/SDP_SELECTOR. Let me know if there is any other solution for this.

2) I need values (right side of shuffler) to be restricted to for the above mandatory field for different planners.

3) How to associate users to different SNP Planner ID.

Example: Allow users U1 to select the values V1, V3 and user U2 to select only values V2, V6 (corresponding to mandatory field SNP Planner ID) for which they are authorized, not all the values.

Piyush Nandan.