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Jun 15, 2010 at 12:23 PM

Order Recommendation for Parent and child Items - MRP


Dear experts,

I am using SAP B1 8.8 and created a multi level BOM upto 4 levels down. Now I made forecats for ,say, 3 upcoming months as 300 unit (July), 400 units (August), 500 (Seotember) for a finished good. I didn't make any sales order at this moment as my forecast is based on my Customers' given production schedule of their own for which I have to supply components (these components are my finished goods).

I made a scenario in MRP in which both recommendations are used i.e. Production as well as Purchase for parent and child and grand child items. Under 'Data Sources' window I used existing inventory, all warehouses, purchase order, sales order, production order, minimum inventory and selected the forecast identified above.

Now I run MRP for the month of July (forecast is 300 units and there is no sales order at the moment) and planning horizon is (start date: today till end dat: 3st july 2010)

MRP run has calculated material requirement according to items' lead time (there is no order inerval, multiple or minimum order quanity provided at the moment, only lead time is given) and backward scheduling.

Now I view recommendations and saved it, it showed me every mrp item's quantity, release dat and due date. When I open Order recommendation it allows me to create production and purchase orders or quantities recommended for parent and child and grand child items.

What I want to ask is, is there any way if I decide to make production order of finished good (parent item) of only 100 quanities out of 300 at the moment, then SAP B1 should show me in order recommendation how many quantities I have to order (production or purchase) for producing 100 quantities of parent items and allow me to create production and purhase items of these child and grand child items while it should keep the remaining 200 quanities of parent item and their required child items for recommendation in the next MRP run.

Your replies are higly appreciated.

Please help me.


Farhan Sufi