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Jan 30, 2019 at 02:30 PM

Login with an SAML token, without an SAML Auth Request from the cloud application


Hello Spezialists

We deployed an public mendix application in the SAP Cloud Foundrary environment.

But the users who want to use this application must first Authenticate themself by the Gouverment Authentication server Called DigiD. The don't get an username, email address or what ever.


The flow is as follows

1. The user goes to an URL wich is defined on our Gateway

2. The user is than redirected to the Goverment IDP for Authentication

3. The user browser sessions is redirected again to our Gateway with an Authorisation Token

4 Our Gateway performs an Token conversion (SAML token)

5 The user should be able to login into the application

The question is, is it possible to login with an SAML token without an SAML Auth Req from the Cloud appliction to our IDP/Gateway server.

Best regard,

Evert Schuiteman


saml-token.jpg (63.1 kB)