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Jan 30, 2019 at 11:01 AM

Not able to implement internationalization/translation in Fiori Launchpad.


Hi Expert,

Here My requirement is to add new "Forget Password" button in Fiori launchpad login screen. I have added it successfully by following these steps.

i) Open SE80, click on MIME Repository then open this path SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UI2->LOGON->template.logon.html, right click and download the file to save it in your local system.

ii) Add forgot password hyperlink as HTML tag in the above-downloaded file along with script logic for the hyperlink to call the application for a new password request (Note: provide your application URL in script logic ).

iii) Upload the updated code in the login page to get the modified login page.

But button text "Forget Password" is not translating as like other text on the login screen(According to login language).

Right now it is like hardcore.

But I have tried to make changes on i18n files as well but no success. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Suggest me proper steps for it.


Atul katoch.


fiori-launchpad.png (119.3 kB)
new-lunchpad.png (99.3 kB)
html-lunchpad.png (323.6 kB)