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Keyboard on appeon mobile app

Dec 01, 2016 at 12:49 PM


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I started using Powerbuilder with Appeon mobile recently.

Problem 1
I noticed that I need to click twice on a datawindow field to show keyboard on iOS/Android tablet. There is no problem when I click on a single line edit field outside datawindow - keyboard shows after first click.

How can I enable single click on datawindow fields ?

Problem 2
When I click 'Done' on keyboard inside text field on DW it goes to next line in the same field. I would expect it to leave that field when 'Done' is clicked. Is this normal behaviour ?

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Former Member Dec 05, 2016 at 01:37 AM

Hi Marcin,

For problem 1:

There are many events of datawindow control, and it is difficult to judge what the user wants to do when they tapping one field in a datawindow, for example do they want to change row focus, or scrolling, or anything else? So in order to avoid event conflict, we designed twice taps to trigger the virtual keyboard.

Appeon 2016 provide more APIs for processing images, virtual keyboard etc, you can make the virtual keyboard appear by long press to instead of double-click.


KeyBoardType: Appeon add keyboardtype property for the datawindow control, please search 'keyboardtype' in Appeon help for details.

Here are the explanations:

#1- Milliseconds values - Sets the duration (in milliseconds) for a press before it is recognized as a long press. Once this duration is reached, the keyboard will be brought up to display. you can Please long press column to bring up keyboard to display now, in Appeon 2015 you must twice click column to bring up keyboard to display.

#2- Keyboardtype - Sets the type of the keyboard that displays when the DataWindow column gets focus: 0 - alphabetical keyboard, 1 - numerical keyboard, 2 - URL keyboard. 2 is unsupported on Android devices, thus 0 will be used instead.

For problem 2:

This issue relates to the input method. It occurs as well in other apps on the device when there’re multi-line editing involved. We do not have a feasible workaround for this currently. But we will record it as a requirement in our CR pool, and will get back to you once we have a plan to support this feature. Really appreciate your understanding and sorry again for any inconvenience caused.


Appeon Support Team

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Hi Appeon Support Team,

Thank you for the answer. Just one more question.
Is there a way to make the virtual keyboard appear for any other event ? e.g. I would like to have it displayed when the user clicks on a specific field on the DW (without waiting for long press or double-click event). How can I do this ?