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Jun 14, 2010 at 10:39 AM

Posting whole assetu00B4s net value in following depreciation (negative values)


In order to be able to post in FI module differences between accounting deprec. Area (01) and a parallel valuation at 31.12.2007, Iu2019ve created a new deprec. Area and transferred values using transaction AS92 only for the new area. I need negative values to be allowed since differences could be negative.

Being transaction date 31.12.2007, I have an example (extrapolated to the rest of the assets) in which an asset´s value for Acquisition value = -56.664,62

Accumulated depreciation = 81.664,62

Net value = 25.000

Rest of useful life = 55 periods (4 years, 7 months)

Ini ord. deprec. Date 01.01.2008

Deprec. Key is lineal so, for year 2008 I shoul get a planned ordinary depreciation of 25.000 /55 *12 = 5454,54. Same for 2009, 2010u2026until net value = 0.

But what I get when I see the asset explorer is that planned deprec. For year 2008 is 25.000, this is the whole Net value amount.

What did I configure wrong so that I don´t get the correct values.

Thanks in advance.