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Jan 29, 2019 at 09:41 PM

ITS Mobile Visual Editor Not Loading and throwing Error S>110


I am trying to edit templates for ITS service but am receiving an error. Service has been created and is working but I wanted to see visually about some screen issues. I went to my custom program to capture the screens and selected my screens and additional functions -> create editor templates. I have added them to my service and respective theme. When I go into the service and double click on a template from the editor template to edit it - it starts to load but them gives me the error at the bottom of screen that shows:

Mime object z_its_newb_3, 99,STYLES/ALL/MOBILE3 does not exist

This style does exist in the service under service name>topic 99>mime objects>styles>all

Any suggestions to help would be appreciated!

Thank you!