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Jun 14, 2010 at 08:36 AM

Crystal Reports Add-In Bitmap format with transparency


For our add-in we want to make some icons for the external command tool bar and inside the add-in menu.

In the document 'Creating Custom Add-Ins' the following text is present on page 2:

The ICommand class can be thought of as a class that creates all the information needed to create a single add-on function. Its main properties are:

u2022 Name u2013 The Name of the menu item that is exposed in the Add-Ins menu.

u2022 commandID u2013 A unique integer value to identify the menu item selected.

u2022 Bitmap u2013 small version of the icon to show up to the left of the menu Name and in the external command tool bar.

u2022 largeBitmap u2013 A larger version of bitmap.

u2022 Description u2013 Hint or help text to be displayed in Crystalu2019s lower toolbar describing the add-onu2019s function.

The parameters Bitmap and largeBitmap do not need to be supplied, and can be passed a null value. This will call the menu item to be displayed without an icon. However this will also cause the Add-On to not be available on the external command toolbar; this tool bar only displays icons without text.

The top-left-most pixel will be used as the transparent colour for the icon, meaning this colour will be ignored and not drawn.

Note: This version of this paper does not contain information on how to load and set the bitmaps. An updated version of this document will contain it.

I tried png bitmaps (with transparency in the bitmap itself) and bmp bitmaps (with the top-left-most pixel as subscribed above, 24-bits), but cannot get the transparency to work.

Maybe I need the 'updated version of this document', but cannot find this newer version.

Can anybody help me?!?

Note: I've posted this question in 2008 2008 [Add-In Bitmap format with transparency; but I did not get a useful answer, maybe this time I will get an answer...