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Jan 29, 2019 at 01:36 PM

Availability check in CRM 7.0 using S/4 HANA 1709


Hello everyone,

I am trying to check item availability when creating order in CRM 7.0. I have configured my CRM system as follows

SPRO > CRM > Basic Functions > Availability Check > Availability Check Using SAP ECC > Define Middleware Parameters: Availability Check Using SAP ECC

  • 1.What is the correct value for the Control information field?

Currently when I enter items in sales order I get nothing in the availability field and I get a warning



Availability check/information: ATP error log (display via long text)

Message no. CRM_APO 203


Errors occurred during availability check or availability information in the ATP System.

If you use an SAP APO System or an SAP R/3 System for availability check/information, the relevant system issues an error log to CRM Online. The messages of the error log are listed below with the message ID (message class) and message number. If more detailed help is available in the form of long texts, these long texts are listed right under the short texts.

System Response

The ATP System cannot report any results of the availability check/information until the errors have been fixed there.


You can obtain the meaning of the messages from the ATP System. If you cannot fix the errors yourself, contact the responsible administrator of the ATP System.

Procedure for System Administration

Follow the recommendations of the ATP System.

Error Log ATP System: XXXCLNTXXX

Msg ID V1 Msg. no 391 With follow. descript:

Material 000000000000000027 does not exist in plant / country

--------------> Following long text exists: <--------------


For this material, no plant data has been created for plant or the tax

indicators for the country of the plant are missing in the material

master record.


Check whether

you have entered the correct plant

the material still has to be created in this plant

the tax indicators for the country of the plant still has to be entered

in the material master record

You can also enter the item without a plant. It is then incomplete and

therefore blocked for further processing.

------------------------------------------------------------End of message----------------------------------------------------------


  • 2. Can anyone suggest what the problem is?


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