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Jun 13, 2010 at 06:13 AM

MDM 7.1 remote key generation on different Remote Systems


I am checking onthe remote key gerneration.

1. When I import data from a remotesystem lets say A AND the data have e.g.. a vendor number in Vendors from BusinessContent

the remote keys are generated for this remote system.

2. Whe I want to syndicate these date to another remote system e.g. SAP ERP, the objectid i.e. LIFNR is NOT shown in

the syndicators Destination Preview.

independent of the map properties setting "Remote Key Override"

3. When I enter the key by hand inthe data manager the data are shown in the syndicator but only it "Remote key overrifde"is

set to the target system.


It looks like that the remote keys for a different remotesystem other than the one I omported from are NOT set.

How to do a automatical assignment to the keys of this different Remote System