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Jun 12, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Need help with Installing SCM 5.1 Non-Unicode System



We have a requirement to build SCM 5.1 Non-Unicode System. But during installation the Unicode option is default and we are not able to uncheck that option since it is in gray. As an alternative I have tried to install SCM 5.0 Non-Unicode and upgrade to SCM 5.1, Unexpectedly I cant find Installation Master at Service Market Place with SCM 5.0. I have tried to install SCM 5.0 with NetWeaver 7.0 SR3 Installation Master but it is taking to the same issue of Unicode option. what is the correct sequence of upgrade SCM 4.1 to SCM 5.1 or SCM 5.0 to SCM 5.1 for Non Unicode system?

Since we compulsory need to install SCM 5.1 Non Unicode System for our product matrix to support our customers with their issues. Please suggest/ provide a solution for this problem soon.