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Jun 11, 2010 at 01:23 PM

VF01 - Accounbtig document no generated


HI people!

After doing VF01 I got the followin message in VFX3:


When calculating the taxes, an internal error occurred. The

name of the routine is stated in the error message.

If the error comes from the Routine LTAX1U04, the cause can

be an incorrectly maintained tax code. Check whether the

tax code is maintained correctly, in particular that the

base values are defined for the individual levels so that

actual values can also be calculated. Example of an

incorrect definition:

Tax category Tax rate Level From


Base amount 100 000

Output tax 10.000 300 200

Since a tax rate does not exist for level 200, the output

tax cannot be calculated.

System response


Before you attempt to analyze the program, check the tax

calculation procedure you used for accuracy. Check whether

the tax code used is allocated to the correct tax type and

whether a valid base value is allocated to this tax type.

If you cannot solve the problem, consult your system


Does someone have idea of how to fix it?

Thank you,