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Jun 11, 2010 at 10:11 AM

Image provided in server cache does not appear in Excel download


Hello WD Experts!

I have a Web Dynpo (ABAP) ALV table with material master data. One column contains the image of the product or a "sorry, no picture" image, if no specific material image exists.

The images are not available as MIME objects, hence I load the images from an external source and push them into the server cache using the method cl_http_server=>server_cache_upload( ... ). The lifetime for the cache is defined with 600. The "sorry, no picture" -image is a MIME object.

All works fine... except for the download to Excel. Only the "sorry, no picture" -image appears. The others gets replaced by a placeholder icon which looks similar to those frequently seen in emails or slow web pages.

Why don't the cached images get downloaded to Excel???

Best Regards