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Jan 28, 2019 at 07:36 AM

printing last page of smartforms


hello Folks i'm strugguling with printing the last page of a smartforms, i've been reading many threats like this but can't succeded in printing the last page of my smartforms.

i had a smartform with a first and next page.

the feed is FIRST PAGE ->NEXT PAGE



the next page is a copy of the first with both main window. there is also a secondary window for the footer.

I've add a new page ( not a copy of first page) for terms and conditions.

i've added a command line at the end of the main window go to new page and

i've flagged only after End of the main window.

but i can't succeed in printing the last page.

In debugg i can see that the SFSY-MAINEND <> 'X'.

Naturally if i add the flag to go the last page only on the first page, the last page is printed.

how can i manage it please?