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Jan 25, 2019 at 08:31 PM

Hide rows with null value coming from a variable field



I'm trying to find a way to hide rows where 1 particular field is a variable and can generate null values. My report has 4 key fields: Employee name, acct number, order dates, order statuses. Both order dates and order statuses are concatenated fields but order dates is coming from the same universe as employee name. For Employee name, I'm pulling the min order date (min date in each acct number then a 2nd variable where the employee name is based on the order date equaling the 1st variable of min order date) to get the employee name associated with the first step in the ordering process which is generating the variable field. Doing so generates a duplicate row of every acct number where the duplicate does not show an employee name next to them.

When i try to filter null values from Employee name, it removes all order dates except the date tied to the first step. I've tried doing a IF THEN based on the null to either show or hide the fields but that gives me the same issue. Because this is an auto generated report each month, I don't want the end user seeing all the duplicate rows.

Also, is it possible to confirm that this issue is due to both the name and order dates coming from the same query? I thought about duplicating that query to pull those values separately then merging in the final report to see if that solved the issue but haven't had a chance to test that theory yet.

Please help.