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Jun 10, 2010 at 05:56 PM

Problem in replicating sales document from CRM to ECC



I created a sales order (Renatal Sales order ) from CRM WEB UI. This document got replicated properly to the ECC. Again I created a follow up document (Rental fill up) for this rental sales order. But this document is not benig replicated to ECC as because of error.

Rental sales order - 1001- documen type - ZRS

Rental fill up doc - 1002 - document type - ZRF

I checke SMQ1 and SMQ2.There are no strucked queues. Then I checked ,SMW01. There the the BDOC is fully processed and with green color. Eventho the Bdoc is green color, there is one Queue R3AD_SAL_ERR with errors.

Error - Salesd document 1001 does not hav document category C.

I am not able to get why this error is coming.

Can you plese tell me how can I investigate this error.

Eventho BDOC is processed sucessfully, I dont understand, why this happens?

Please help me in this.