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Jun 10, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Purchase Order - Approval Workflow - Automated EMail to Approvers & Vendors


Hi there,

We are on SAP ECC6.0 with ABAP Stack. That is we do not have Java or Net Weaver Components. There is a specific requirement to have Workflows set up in SAP ECC6.0. Here is the detailed requirement:

1. The Purchase Order in MM is created by the Creator of PO. At the time of saving of PO, an EMail must automatically go to the 'Approver'.

2. The Aprpover on receipt of the EMail must approve the PO and an EMail must automatically go to next level, if applicable as per Release Strategy (say amount is beyond some specified $).

3. The next level, assuming its last level, approves the PO. On Saving of the PO or on Clicking the Release button, an EMail must automatically go to:

a. Vendor

b. Creator of PO

c. All set of Approvers

d. Head of Department raising the PO

Based on all this, is it possible to set this up in Standard SAP ECC6.0 with some basic Customisation thru ABAP.

Or it is not possible to set up Workflows / Emails sending on click of Release button in our current version with ABAP stack (that is we do not have Net Weaver).

Whether the Workflows functionalities of SAP are expected to be procured separately?

Please guide.

Many Thanks.....