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Jun 10, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Total shipment quantity for shipping costs


Dear Colleagues,

I am an SD consultant and I have a difficult requirement from a client to determine shipping costs per delivery quantity.

The scenario is that the freight rate will be entered for a "load" (e.g. $1000 / Truck)

There are multiple deliveries on this truck (e.g. delivery 1 = 78 units; delivery 2 = 22 units) (each delivery with multiple items)

We then need to determine the total shipment quantity (e.g. 100)

Divide the freight rate by total quantity (e.g. $10)

Determine the condition value by multiplying the delivery item quantity (78) by freight rate ($10) = $780

AT first I thought that I could do it as follows:

Call table VFKP to get the shipment number - field REBEL

Call table VFTA to have access to all deliveries on the parituclar shipment and add up all quantities - field RFMNG

However, these tables do not seem to be "reachable" from my pricing routine.

If anyone can help with suggestions I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards