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Jun 09, 2010 at 07:00 PM

Select Credit Memo Lines in Add Mode


Hello Experts,

I need help on selecting credit memo lines in add mode. Here is my stored prcedure:

Declare @IN_DocEntry nvarchar(50)

,@IN_TranType nchar(1)

Declare @DE Int

select @DE = cast(@IN_DocEntry as int)

Create Table #CreditMemo

(DocEntry int not null

,LineNum int not null

,TargetType int null

,BaseRef nvarchar(16) null

,BaseEntry int null

,BaseLine int null

,LineStatus Char(1) null

,LineTotal numeric(19,6) null)

If exists ( select 1 from RPC1 t0 where t0.DocEntry=@DE)


Insert into #CreditMemo(DocEntry,LineNum,TargetType,BaseRef,BaseEntry,BaseLine,LineStatus,LineTotal)

select DocEntry,LineNum,TargetType,BaseRef,BaseEntry,BaseLine,LineStatus,LineTotal from RPC1 where DocEntry=@DE


select * from #CreditMemo

For Instance:

1) say i am in Add Mode on Credit Memo

2) Copied three Invoices on to Credt Memo ( each invoice contains 3 lines, hence 9 lines on Credit Note)

3) Now i would like to select 9 lines which are on Credit Memo and insert into temp table( Note : I haven't added the CM )

When executed the above stored procedure in add mode i get empty list. Please advise me.