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I am experimenting a error in XI/PI System installed in a HA system. We have a questions regarding to parameter for the HA configuration.

We have installed the ASCSSCS in a cluster OS service. The DB is installed in other OS Cluster service. The CI and DI are installed in two host where running the ASCSSCS and DB OS system Cluster services. For default, the OS Cluster services (ASCSSCSDB) running in CI node, but in a failover, the services change to DI instance; In this moment the PI Services not running. The ABAP+Java instance up without problems, but the XI/PI services do not run.

Reviewing the XI/PI HA configuration, we find that parameter aim to CI.

The help parameter only indicate: <is sld name> where IS Server Name in SLD is the CI.


In our case this parameter should be the ASCS hostname and ASCS instance number??

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    Posted on Jun 09, 2010 at 08:39 PM

    Hi Johan,

    You may check notes:

    #951910 - NW2004s High Availability Usage Type PI

    #1470709 - XI Runtime: Integration Server name read from SLD in ABAP

    #1036727 - Problems with XI self-registration in HA scenario

    Also, check this one:

    #1278563 - Specification of message server host in Exchange Profile


    Caio Cagnani

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    • Former Member

      Hello Ciao,

      Very Thanks for your response. I will explain my problem and I have a confused view that the 951910 note does not at all clear.

      We have a XI/PI PRD System in HA. This system is composed by:

      CI Physical Hostname = rcppip1 - Instance number 10

      DI Physical Hostname = rcppid1 - Instance number 11

      ASCS+SCS in OS Cluster Service = rcppip4 - Instance number 00-01

      SAP WebDispacther in OS Cluster Service = rcppip4 - Instance number 50

      DB in OS Cluster Service = rcppip3

      We have set up the XI / PI High Availability begin 951910 OSS Note, however this is not clear for that parameter. According to 1470709 OSS Note, the IS (Integration Server) name in ABAP is read from SLD.

      In our SLD, the IS refers to the Central Instance, where the Domain in "Exchange Insfrastructure" Technical System Type also refers to CI.

      [SLD - Image |]

      then, the Domain in "Exchange Insfrastructure" Technical System Type sould be the OS cluster service where is installed the SAP WebDispatcher? or to ASCS+SCS Cluster Service?

      After of change the Domain then I should change the parameter to SAP WebDispatcher instance and host name??

      I hope you can help with this issue which is not entirely clear.

      Best Regards,

  • Posted on Jul 08, 2010 at 04:12 PM

    Hi Johan,

    Thank you very much for your feedback, it's really great that you could manage

    to solve this issue. Indeed the note 764176 is one of the main notes from XI part

    that solves inconscistence issues relating to the six components mentioned.

    Also, for the Integration Serverm you should have the three associations in

    order to maintain the correct configurations for the SLD side.

    The parameter parameter which should

    be created is also important to maintain in the exchange profile in order to

    grant the correct access between the system through SLD.

    With regards,

    Caio Cagnani

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  • Posted on Jun 17, 2010 at 05:07 PM

    Hello Johan,

    Answering your first question, it should be where the SAP WebDispatcher is installed.

    Now, for the second question, after changing that,you should mantain all the configuration regarding this in Exchange Profile setting the paramater to the new configuration you have done. You can follow either the note 951910 for HA and its parameters and also the note 1278563 for the paramater, which is one of the parameters that if it's not set, you can face some issues like fail of the SLD components registration, communication between the own SLD and XI/PI and also the wrong domain being created for the SLD.

    Also, as a recommendation, use the Full Qualified Host Name (or FQDN). To do that,

    open the Exchange Profile and change all parameters that ends

    in *.name to FQDN, and don't forget to restart the system to activate

    the changes.

    For more information about the FQHN, please check the notes below:

    #773830 - FQHN determination in ICM

    #654982 - URL requirements due to Internet standards

    Also ensure to apply the FQHN as per instructions on the note below:

    #804124 - HTTP communication with XI Adapter Engine fails

    I hope it clarifies even better for you =)


    Caio Cagnani

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    • Former Member

      Mr. Caio,

      We finally have been able to solve all our problems and the cluster of XI / PI works perfectly after a failover occurred. But I proceed to detail regarding my initial doubts, so that the information will be to future implementers XI / PI 7.0 in High Availability, besides that I think would be important to adjust your SAP documentation and note that 951910 is quite clear and relevant information is found in other notes which is not referenced in this.

      The XI/PI domain and the other XI/PI components must be registered in the SLD pointing to the virtual node where the package runs the database. Note that the system is taken from a stand-alone system to a high availability and registration in the SLD points to stand-alone system where initially the system was installed, therefore the XI/PI component records in the SLD in the "Exchange Infrastructure" System Type point to the physical node of the central instance. Was important to mention in the 951910 OSS note that the registration of the SLD should be according to the "Question 2e" in Note 1309239 after configuring the high availability system:

      Question 2e: How can I check whether the SLD Self Registration of the PI components was successful?

      Answer: Start the SLD, navigate to "Technical Systems" and select in the drop down list "Process Integration". There must be 6 entries for your new PI system. On a central SLD you may filter for the DB Host name:

      • Adapter Engine on <db_host>

      • Domain <db_host>

      • Integration Directory on <db_host>

      • Integration Repository on <db_host>

      • Integration Server on <db_host>

      • RWB on <db_host>

      The Integration Server in the SLD, is built from the " Exchange Profile" parameter. This parameter must be the is.ASCS_number.<db_host>; thus the registration of IS in the SLD will correct.

      The 1052122 OSS note helped me understand this:

      SAP Note 1052122 - Host names in SLD

      Using virtual names places specific requirements on the SLD Data Supplier of the reporting system. The Supplier must ensure that only the virtual name and not the physical name is delivered to the SLD. For an AS Java system, this requires the reporting SAP system to use SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package 15 or higher. The system evaluates the profile parameter j2ee/dbhost mentioned below only as of this version. Lower versions use the database interface directly and report only the physical host name of the database.

      The following table lists the profile parameters evaluated by the SLD Data Suppliers for host names.

      System class in SLD Property Profile parameter


      SAP_BCSystem SystemHome = SAPDBHOST

      SAP_DatabaseSystem SystemHome = SAPDBHOST

      SAP_BCApplicationServer HostName = SAPLOCALHOST

      SAP_BCGateway HostName = SAPLOCALHOST

      SAP_BCMessageServer HostName = rdisp/mshost


      SAP_J2EEEngineCluster SystemHome = j2ee/dbhost

      SAP_DatabaseSystem SystemHome = j2ee/dbhost

      SAP_J2EEEngineInstance SystemHome = SAPlOCALHOST

      SAP_J2EEEngineClusterNode SystemHome = SAPLOCALHOST

      SAP_BCCentralServiceInstance SystemHome = j2ee/scs/host

      By our release, we had a problem with the reigistry into the SLD in high availability system, which was met with note 764176.

      I have nothing more to be grateful for all their support.

      Best Regards.

  • Posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 04:53 PM


    Look at SAP note: 1052984

    I suggest parameter should be like this

    is.<application server instance number>.<physical server host name>

    The reason behind this is SLD installed in one of your local application server, and SLD do not have fail over in cluster mode/HA installation.



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    • Hi Johan,

      the note that you mention is actually meant for a non-HA setup. This is not clearly mentioned however so I informed the responsible colleague to update the note. The note that you need to check is 951910 - NW2004s High Availability Usage Type PI. And there, the IS sld name has the format is.<cisysnr>.<cihost>. The CI host here is the name of one of the instances that is denoted as central. Which of the (at least two) instances is central is defined while installing them.

  • Posted on Feb 25, 2011 at 03:45 PM


    I have same problem with HA Config on PI 7.11.

    If I start sapq83ji03 all works fine, but if I only start sapq83ji04 a lot of components doesn't work

    I have set to is.00.sapq83ji03, but I think this

    is wrong in a HA configuration.

    Please can you help me with the setting on

    " Exchange Profile" parameter

    Johan wrote: This parameter must be the is.ASCS_number.<db_host>;

    So please what do you think, I have to set for this parameter and what thinks I have to

    do in additional.


    SAP_BCSystem SystemHome = SAPDBHOST = sapQ83

    SAP_DatabaseSystem SystemHome = SAPDBHOST = sapQ83

    SAP_BCApplicationServer HostName = SAPLOCALHOST


    Q83_ASCS01_sapq83ci:SAPLOCALHOST = sapq83ci

    Q83_D11_sapq83ji04:SAPLOCALHOST = sapq83ji04

    Q83_DVEBMGS00_sapq83ji03:SAPLOCALHOST = sapq83ji03

    Q83_ERS03_sapq83ji01:SAPLOCALHOST = sapq83ji01

    Q83_ERS04_sapq83ji01:SAPLOCALHOST = sapq83ji01

    SAP_BCGateway HostName = SAPLOCALHOST

    SAP_BCMessageServer HostName = rdisp/mshost = sapq83ci


    SAP_J2EEEngineCluster SystemHome = j2ee/dbhost = sapQ83

    SAP_DatabaseSystem SystemHome = j2ee/dbhost = sapQ83

    SAP_J2EEEngineInstance SystemHome = SAPlOCALHOST

    SAP_J2EEEngineClusterNode SystemHome = SAPLOCALHOST

    SAP_BCCentralServiceInstance SystemHome = j2ee/scs/host = sapq83ci

    4 Hosts:

    usqbjqaq831 sapQ83 Datenbank

    usqbjqaq831 sapq83ji01 (ERS04 und 03)

    usqbjqaq832 sapq83ci (SCS02 und ASCS01)

    usqbjqaq833 sapq83ji03 (DVEBMGS00)

    usqbjqaq834 sapq83ji04 (D11)

    Best regards


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    • Hi,

      this should not happen, with or without running central instance the SLD registration of PI system should stay the same, exactly as descrived in note 951910 - NW2004s High Availability Usage Type PI. This note is relevant for PI 7.0, there are similar notes that cover other releases.

      Sometimes, this problem is cased by missing the step 6 from this note:

      6) Central Adapter Engine URL

      Java Visual Administrator - CPACache service properties

      (properties should be set in global configuration)

      SLD.selfregistration.hostName = <virtual host>

      SLD.selfregistration.httpPort = <httpport>

      Here the virtual host means the host name of the switchover group that contains SCS, ASCS and WD.