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Jan 25, 2019 at 06:37 AM

can't enable payment card function in SD


I'm using SAP S/4 hana and trying to use the function Payment card but failed.Here is my question.

1. In t-code BP where I want to add a credit card to my customer, I can only choose a standard payment card type, but can't find a customized type which I defined in SPRO.

2. After adding a credit card with standard payment card type in customer master, I can't choose this card in VA01 header -> Payment card tab, the error message shows :

You cannot enter a payment card of type DPJC manually. Assign it instead.

Message no. V/126

But I can choose a customized payment card type and then input a card number here.

3. After mannully authorized the credit card for the SO and saving the document, i turned into VA02 to see the Payment card tab, and find that the card information disappeared, the 'authorization amt' went zero,but the "status" still showed in green light. What does it mean? How to save a card info and authorize successfully?

4.In t-code VF02 - header, there is no Payment card tab. How can this tab show up?

5. I've assigned a G/L account to clearing house for authorization and settlement, but in VF02 after 'release to accounting', I checked the accounting document, there was no relevant account for AR-clearing house. Does it mean that it failed to pay with a credit card?