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Jun 08, 2010 at 10:07 PM

Help, please - Combined Limits and Expressions for Insurance Plans


I seem to be configuring something incorrectly using the Combined Limits and Expression in the IMG. I was wondering if somebody has used this successfully and can give me some pointers? I've used it successfully when I've limited a plan to coverage of not more than 50% of the coverage for another plan, but I can't seem to get it to work for my current requirement. Here is my current requirement:

I have 2 life insurance plans, one basic and one supplemental. The supplemental can only be elected if the basic plan is elected, so the basic plan would be the priority plan. The individual maximum allowable coverage amount for each plan is $3,000,000, which is configured under the coverage rules. However, the combined limit between the 2 plans is also 3,000,000. A person can have the basic plan only and have the full 3 mil, or they can have both plans and must not go over the 3 mil between the 2 plans. The basic plan is 1x but the supp plan can be 1x - 8x so it is very possible that the basic will not hit the limit, but the supp will.

I tried to set the combined limit of 3,000,000 for the 2 plans using the 2 pieces of the combined limits config, but I've tried everything, and it does not cut them back.

Can anyone tell me step by step how to configure this, or do I need to enable and develop a user exit?