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Jun 08, 2010 at 08:42 PM

Need Help with Logic....



My ABAP knowledge is pretty much NIL and so looking for some help. Sorry to bother you all...

In BI, I need to write a code in Update Rules, that checks for values in a Lookup table and does the Key figure

calculation. For every record, KF "AMT1" in "Cube 2" needs to be determined using the Comp_Code, Cust#,

and KF "AMT" available in Cube1.

There is a lookup table "DISCNT" with Co. Code, Cust#, Discount % fields. In Update Rule, it need to go thru' the

Lookup Table to see if there is a corresponding record with "Co. Code", "Cust#"

IF the recod exists, then use the corrsponding Discount % value from Lookup table and determine AMT1

[which is AMT * Discount %]


Make "AMT1" = 0 (i.e. if the Customer does not exist in Lookup table, then Discount Amount is ZERO)


I am not familiar with how to loop thru the Lookup table to deteremine if customer exists there. (Lookup table

will be maintained via a utility by users).

Can anyone provide the sytax and the logic for looping... please,