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Jun 08, 2010 at 08:27 PM

Would like to post process order confirmations from a VB program using BAPI


I don't have a background in BAPI's, but I am trying to learn. Please believe I have NO problem with doing additional reading, so any suggestions are welcome, but I have a pressing need.

I would like to be able to post process order confirmations from a legacy application, but I'm not sure which BAPI to call. Using the SAP GUI, we use the CORK (ours is called ZDCORK) and we select the order, enter a qty, and execute. This triggers the backflush operations and overhead absorption. What I want to do is trigger the same outcome.

I wasn't trained in production execution (just finance).

Do I populate a table as one of the parameters to the BAPI? Can someone point me to a working example?

Can anyone recommend a BAPI book to start with, and do these books actually explain how to use the parameters? I bought and read the book published in 1999 which deals with proframming in VB and usingh SAP (Professional VB SAP R/3 Programming by Oleg Ovanesyan) but the information is dated since many of the tools used in the book (SAP Assistant and the DCOM component) are not available now.