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Jun 08, 2010 at 12:21 PM

Time Out error


Hi All,

I have a issue related to SAP Web related client.

on the front end web client - enduser tries to enter the sales order contents to check the material avalibilty with dates by clicking button CHECK AVAILABILTY.

when the user tries to enter line items more than 50 - the screen we could see error message like " GATEWAY TIMEOUT ERROR " .

Java consultant increased Apache server time from 3 min's to 9 min's in production system.

So, now we are not getting any time out error in production. But I checked in sandbox and quality systems with 50 entries,the bapi executing time with in 2 min's.

and internally my zbapi calling stanadard bapi BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE Funtion module 2 times

Now the concern is if we increase the time to 9 minutes from JAVA end u2013 itu2019s not a proper solution as the end user will not wait for the 9 minutes of the transaction to happen.

From SAP end u2013 I tried to check by simulating BAPI u2013 with 50 lineitems and its not taking more than 2minutes u2013 is there any other way to solve the " GATEWAY TIMEOUT ERROR " .