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Former Member
Jun 08, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Local Packages $TMP


Dear All,

I am having an issue with a $TMP Package which I used when I was testing something in the "sandpit" area in the development Environment.

As I understood it, if i created something in the sandpit and saved the objects locally they would remain there, client specific.

The scenario is that I created a table which I wanted to use for lookup values. Separately I then added another field onto an SAP table and then linked the infotpe for the table to the custom table that I created. Parts of the development have come through into the core configuration client and other parts have not.

I know that it is possible to reassign the objects to a different package but what I want to do is essentially delete the development and start it again in the Core configuration client so that I can make notes on what I have done aswell.

My question is...

How do I go about deleting the development that I made in the sandpit as when I try and delete the table an error is returned saying "Table X is still used in the abap dictionary".

Alse if anyone could shed some more light on the whole Local objects / Local Packages it would be much appreciated.