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Jun 08, 2010 at 11:10 AM

Printing Last Page in Smart forms.



Thank You very much in advance........

I am developing a smart form which contains 2 pages.

1st Page displays Item details.

2nd page contains Company Logos and some Hard coded text.

In 1st page, I am displaying Item details in Table Layout.Here number of items will determine in Runtime.If Items will be more,those extra Items have to be displayed in 2nd page with the Layout as the Layout in 1st Page.Then company logos and other hard coded text should be moved to 3 rd page............

Can you please give me solution for this requirement.

As of now I have given next Page for the 1st page is 1st page it self in attributes, and in the last cell of table layout, I have created a comand in which I have chosen 2nd page as next page, still I am not able to display last page contents.......