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Former Member
Jun 08, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Sample management !!


Dear Experts,

I have a scenario in my project,

At time of finish good inspection(say 1000 jars produced), (inspection type 04), we are drawing 12 Jars as a sample(fix).

Now these 12 jars will be kept in a sample house untill the Product expiry will be reached.So through QA11 we will move 988 jars in restricted and 12 jars in Reserve.

Now again after every 3 months, 1 jar will be drawn for sample house and inspected and recorded the results.

How to map this scenario with Physical sample concept.

Whenever a insp. type 04 is triggered, can system will create automatically 12 Physical samples(12 physical sample ids) so that every 3 months through QPR5 manual inspection lot will created.

Please suggest the solution.