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Jun 08, 2010 at 08:51 AM

DUMP error


Hi All,

I've a Z program which is giving short dump.

this program is being used from past 5 years. no errors upto now.

But now the program is givin short dump error.

Plz find the error analysis below.


Error analysis


An arithmetic operation in the current program "ZXXXXXX" attempts

to process a field of type P that contains an invalid

BCD format.

Possible reasons:

1. If the field is part of a field string and its current contents are

hex 20: the field string was deleted with MOVE SPACE ... instead of


2. The VARYING parameter was incorrectly placed within a DO loop,

e.g. because the TIMES parameter was too large.

Similar for WHILE ... VARY.

3. A FIELD-SYMBOL was incorrectly assigned.

There is no such location in my Z program where the dump analysis says.

What could be the probable cause for the error.

Thank you.



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