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Jun 08, 2010 at 08:06 AM

500 internal server error while Export wedbdynpro content into Excel.


Hi Experts,

my requirement is export webdynpro content into excel sheet, so for this what i have did is

First step:

) created an Extneral library DC

2) imported the JARs to the libraries folder of the External Library DC project

3) Right-click on each of the JARs imported to the project and added them to the public part.

Second step:

1) Createed a new Reuse Web Dynpro DC

2) Created a new public part, selecting the "Can be packaged into other build results" option

3) extrcted the full content (folders and class files) to root folder

4) Imported the folders and files to the src/packages folder

5)binded the attributes, created 3 methods and writen the code for those methods.

Third Step:

1) created one more EXPORT EXCEL DC

2) ADDED LIB jar dc and Reuse DC IN used dc's

3) created usedwebdynpo component and binded attributes to Table VIEW and writen the code for exposing table values.

After this build and deployed i am getting clasnot found error

so what i have did now is

Fourth step:

1)Created "J2EE Library DC"

2) Refered "External Library DC" into J2EE Library DC.

3) Deployed "J2EE Library DC"

4) Refered this one in my Web Dynpro DC by giving Library Reference.

now when i deploy and run what happend i am getting

500 Internal Server Error SAP J2EE Engine/7.01

Application error occurred during request processing.

Details: Failed to start deployable object

Exception id: [00215E78C4C0006D00000AD9000E00F00004887F642A32FE]

Any one can tell what could be the problem.