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Jun 08, 2010 at 06:24 AM

HR-Structural Authorization-AUTSW ORGPD switch


Hi All,

We are facing an issue with our structural authorization.

Our HR user are unable to view details of the employee who is been terminated in PA20.


1)The user is terminated on 10/2009

2)when the user was terminated he was assigned to the org unit 10.

3)Later the org unit 10 also got it is not in the org structure anymore this is from 02/2010.

4)From 02/2010 on HR users are unable to view the employee details (who is terminated and belongs to an inactive org structure) in PA20


1) When we see in the OOSB Information the HR user is not having authorization to view this org unit from the time it is moved out of org structure.I.e 02/2010.The endda is showing 02/2010 against the org unit in structural access of the Hr user.

2)Other observation is that after HR users give PA20 we have taken su53 and it shows taht P_ORGINCON missing authorization for D,infotype 0000,subtype termination.

3)we have done testing in Dev by changing AUTSW-ORGPD switch to 3 still no use.

4)We did AUTSW-DFCON to 3 as we ahve context authorization also it also did not work.With DFCON 4 it is working but HR users are able to view not only their counry employee but also other country employees org assignmnet in PA20 which not acceptable.


HR users should be able to view terminated employees with org assignment(IT 0001) but that org unit is not in validity date(i.e A 002 for org unit is delimited) .

Any suggestions or ideas to handle the terminated employees in the delimited orgunit will be of great help...