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Jun 07, 2010 at 10:01 PM

Setting up Enterprise structure


FI experts,

I would like the feedback on how new Business Unit ( take over companies) are merged to exising SAP instance.

My case is as under : -

We have one business unit operating in US, Mexico, Japan with following settings under FICO

1. Separate company code for US, Mexico, Japan

2. Single Financial management Area

3. Single Controlling Area

4. Single Operating Concern

5. Separate Credit Control Area for US, Mexico, Japan mapping to each company code.

6. Single Chart of Accounts

This works great as we are able to do both Intercompany & intracompany transactions.

Now for a new business unit (BU) ( company taken over) we want to bring them under our SAP system. This BU also has 1 plant in US & Mexico. So we would create 2 new company codes, 2 credit control areas, 2 plants. That is easy decision.

Tough decision is should we have to create new FM Area, Controlling Area, Operating Concern & Chart of accounts OR can we just merge new company codes into existing FM Area, Controlling Area, Operating Concern & Chart of accounts.

Would appreciate Pros & cons for both options. All good & helpful answers will be thanked graciously.

Look forward for advice from FI experts.