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Jun 07, 2010 at 07:29 PM

Financial Statement Version based Report


Hi all.

I'm an ABAP consultant and I'm developing a report that accesses a Z table and shows a financial Balance Sheet based on a Financial Stament version.

I've used the Function Modules FI_IMPORT_BALANCE_SHEET_POS (get the structure) FI_IMPORT_BALANCE_SHEET_TEXT (get texts).

How can I calculate the profits and losses (result of balance sheet and result of p&l) based on the tables returned by FM FI_IMPORT_BALANCE_SHEET_POS? I mean, how can I identify which entries are profits and which are losses with tables I011Z, X011P, X011S, X011V, X011F returned by FM FI_IMPORT_BALANCE_SHEET_POS?

How can I know or identify which are the unassigned accounts?