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Jun 07, 2010 at 05:46 PM

Best Practice for carrying forward monthly forecast data??


Dear all:

I am in the process of building demo for monthly forecast. I have 12 forecast categories for each period of the fiscal year. However, I am wondering whether there is a best practice to carry forward data in current forecast (month) category into the next forecast (month) category, besides running a standard copy at every month end.

For instance, let's say I am in June, and I would forecast in a category named "JunFcst" for the period 2010.06, 2010.07, 2010.08... 2010.12. For the example purpose let's say I enter a value of 100 for each time period.

When next month comes, I would select "JulFcst", which is supposed to initially carry the numbers I have entered in JunFcst. In other words, 2010.07 ~ 2010.12 in JulFcst should show a value of 100. There is no need to carry forward data prior 2010.07 because these months have the actual already.

I know I can easily carry forward data in JunFcst to JulFcst category by running a standard copy data package, or perhaps use some allocation logic. But if I choose this approach, I will run the copy or allocation package at month end manually every month, or create/schedule a 12 unique copy data packages for each month respectively. Another approach is to use default logic to copy the data on the fly from JunFcst to JulFcst. I am less inclined to this because of the performance impact.

Is there anyway to create just one script logic that is intelligent enough to copy from one forecast category to another based on the current month? Is there a system function that can grab the current month info within the script logic?

Thanks a bunch!