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Jun 07, 2010 at 03:59 PM

BI report in CRM


Dear all,

I am working on some queries which are using in CRM 7.0. I found most BI queries are 3.X version which are using in CRM. I just wonder how the 3.X queries can be displayed like 7.0 look in BI query?

For example, the BW 3.X web template 0TPL_0MKTG_C01_Q0002_V01 is used in CRM and the query is 0MKTG_C01_Q0002. I just wonder how can I display the query in 7.0 look in CRM? If migration is the only option, how can I migrate web template?

I just wonder how do you guys handle BI reports in CRM? since most of them are using 3.X objects. do you migrate all objects to 7.0 including datasoruces, DSO, infocube, queries, web templates etc... or just keep using the old versions? Thanks again.