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Jun 07, 2010 at 02:34 PM

Sales Document Flow - Ref. Value not showing correct currency


I have a question about document flow currency in ECC6.0. We recented upgraded to ECC6.0 from 4.7 and noticed the changes to document flow. We are a US based company with sales offices in Europe. Our European offices are finding that that document flow in ECC6.0 shows in base currency of USD. Even thought the sales order was entered in EUR euros. Is this intended to be this way; since it is causing our offices in Europe some confusion? I searched forums an SAP notes and did not find any references. Has anyone see this in ECC6.0

Example Document Flow: Line Level (I do not see Ref Value at header level)

Note Sales Document was entered in EUR euros.

Document Quantity Unit Ref. Value Currency

Standard Order 0025082768 / 10 12 EA 5,207.54 USD

...Delivery 0080211725 / 10 12 EA

.....Picking request 20100423 / 10 12 EA

.....Handling unit 0001221687 / 1 12 EA

.....GD goods issue:delvy 4901261948 / 1 12 EA 1,690.08 GBP

...Invoice 0092006736 / 10 12 EA 5,207.55 USD

Accounting document 0092006736 12 EA

If I highlight top line in document flow, I see the following in lower part of screen. This is the currency entered on the sales order.

0025082768 10 12 EA 3,847.80 EUR