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Jun 07, 2010 at 01:30 PM

different follow-on document created if 'Order as direct material' ticked


Dear Colleagues,

I have a product category Q4334104 replicated from backend system Q43 (clinet 341). The sourcing is never carried out from this product category. Secondly, target system configured is the same as the source system Q43 (client 341). BAckend object defined is reservation if the item is subject to inventory managed otherwise purchase order if the item is complete else purchase requisition.

Now, coming to my scenario, when I create a shopping cart with free text item, it creates a purchase requisition in the target system which is fine.

Now, I take a product belonging to the same product category but inventory managed. So, When I create a shopping cart in SRM with the tick 'order as direct material' , I expect it to create a reservation in the target ERP system. But the system behaviour is confusing here. It tries to create a local purchase order in the SRM system.

Only after unticking the option 'order as direct material, the system creates a reservation in the target system which is the expected behaviour here.

Why different behaviour is observed when 'order as direct material' unticked?

Secondly, the system takes a particular document type for the local PO although different values are assigned to the transaction type 'DP_PROC_type".

Full marks if you can help me to understand the above system behaviour.

Thanks and regards,