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Jun 07, 2010 at 11:08 AM

Remittance Challan W/Tax India


Hi All,

When i am posting remittance challan thru J1INCHLN, after providing details on initial screen and moving to bank screen the system freezes bank account amount to Rs 1.

Post that when i select TDS line items i have to create another line item for difference amount, say if Rs 2240 needs to be deposited through remittance challan, the accounting entry getting passed is -:

Withholding Tax A/c Dr Rs 2240

Bank A/c Cr Rs 1

Bank A/c Cr Rs 2239

This is because on second screen date and amount of Rs 1 is already entered and cannot be changed. I have to create another line item of TDS to be deposited i.e Amount to be deposited - Rs 1 9already credited).

Is this a standard SAP feature or i have missed something in configuration.