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Jun 07, 2010 at 11:04 AM

PI server to be used by TWO teams without intervening each others objects


We have one PI dev server, and two integration projects (Project A and Project B) are going on.

Project A's team members, developers are different from those of Project B.

We want to allow both teams to work on the same PI server i.e in same ESR and ID, but Project A's team members should not be able to edit Project B's objects and vice-versa.

for e.g. In ESR,

Software Component versions SWCV_A_one, SWCV_A_two belong to Team A

Software Component versions SWCV_B_alpha, SWCV_B_gamma belong to Team B

can we restrict such that B's Team members should not be able to add/edit/reuse objects in SWCV_A_one, SWCV_A_two

In ID, is there anyway to have a set of objects to be edited by only a select set of users.