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HCM Process and Forms

Hi Gurus,

We had implemented a multi country rollout for one of our clients. We have to use HCM Process and Forms for creating new Positions with different forms for different countries. Can we have multiple form scenarios or forms for the same HCM process and route the initiator through the respective form/scenario based on country grouping or some condition? We are using EHP4. Kindly help.

Also can you please share me some advanced tutorials on HCM Process and forms that are not covered in SDN help.



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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jun 13, 2010 at 03:35 AM


    I know we can group multiple related processes, for example Hire, under same process group. We can setup such that only the process set with corresponding object group will be visible to the user. And we can make this object group to be country specific.

    But I want to have only one process and multiple form scenario. One form scenario for one country. When the Initiator requests the process, based on his country grouping I want to load the country specific form scenario. Is this possible? Kindly confirm whether this is feasible, if so, how?

    Kindly help.



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  • Posted on Jun 28, 2010 at 06:02 PM

    Actually what you want to do is very possible. I just don't think you have the background/experience just yet. It will take a good bit of work and is what I would consider "advanced".

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    • Former Member Vijayaraghavan Kesariraman

      I haven't done this myself, but was close to implementing such a design. You could have multiple processes with their own form scenario and restrict processes using the delivered functionality in the 'Role Assignments' which leverages a feature (pers area, subarea, etc. I believe). Unfortunately this approach would require one process per form scenario.

      The alternative, and preferable solution, which I haven't done myself would probably require an enhancement to the HRASR00ISR enhancement implementation (txn SE19). I think you want to look specifically at the INIT_SERVICE_REQUEST_INIT method. I would probably look at line 206:


      • Create new instance of the process object handler

      CALL METHOD me->create_process_object_handler


      special_data = special_data

      external_data = external_data

      no_auth_check = no_auth_check_process

      activity = activity_process

      message_handler = hrbas_message_list


      process_object_handler = process_object_handler

      process_status = process_status

      is_ok = is_ok

      is_authorized = is_authorized_process.

      Looking at the external data structure you'll notice the FORM_SCENARIO specified there. So, in all, I figure it wouldn't be such a hard thing to achieve. Just a matter of finding the exact point where you need to implement this enhancement.

      Good luck, let us know how it goes.

      Enrique L.

      Enrique L.